Why Hire a Planner?

  1. Wedding planners can save you money. They help you establish a budget and stick to it. An added bonus is their cost saving tips can cover most or all of the investment to hire them.
  2. Planners can save you time. A professional planner helps you with designated details, freeing you to do what you love the most.
  3. Planners provide emotional and mental relief. Their expertise and experience brings peace of mind and order to the planning process removing much of the tension that otherwise could rob you and your family of the joy of the journey. Plus, you know there is a professional managing your event on the big day so you and your guests can simply enjoy.
  4. Planners support you. They impart harmony and a sense of calm. You don’t have to plan and coordinate alone. A good planner has your best interests at heart and is in your corner from start to finish.
  5. Planners allow for a better life/work/wedding balance. Planners can take on the bulk of responsibility and legwork helping alleviate stress and overwhelm.
  6. Planners usually work as a team with other wedding professionals, making your day seamless. They can connect you to vendors that are a good fit for your budget and style.
  7. Professional planners often have partnerships for special pricing on hotel blocks, honeymoons, and destination weddings. When researching planners, ask about their specific memberships with industry leaders like the Association of Bridal Consultants.
  8. Professional planners are licensed and certified to meet legal requirements for venues. This gives an added sense of security that your day is handled by coordinators who know what they are doing.

1. What about Always Yours Occasions, LLC makes us stand apart?

At Always Yours Occasions, our brides and grooms are our focus, so we personally stay in communication with our clients and their wedding vendors. This ensures we are all on the same page prior to and during the wedding and reception. We help translate a couple’s vision so they can effectively and clearly communicate their dreams to others, saving them frustration and dollars.

Being a mother-daughters team allows us to understand generation and opinion differences and help reach an amiable understanding. We understand the importance of working together as a team, and can bring solutions to help alleviate stress. Our weddings and events planning experiences are customizable. We believe people should have flexibility as to what is included in their event package. 

As members of the Association of Bridal Consultants, we have ongoing education and training so we stay current and constantly grow in our field. This also gives us access to partnerships for special pricing on select hotel rooms, invitations, and Sandals’ destination weddings an honeymoons. We have great connections and working relationships with other wedding vendors, and can help you troubleshoot your challenges. Clients can rely on our experience, training, and accountability for their once-in-a-lifetime events.

2. Describe the kind of couple who would have the most success working with you.

Couples who

  1. Want a coordinator for their wedding day
  2. Desire to plan the majority of their wedding and turn over preparation close to their wedding
  3. Who are busy or overwhelmed and want someone to help plan or put it all together.

Each couple is unique so our packages are custom designed and personalized. We’ll be launching a DIY wedding mentorship in the near future for those who want advice, but don’t need a full planning package.

Meet The Mother/Daughter Team

Certified Wedding Planners and members of The Association of Bridal Consultants, Cheryl and Kate are dedicated, knowledgeable, and, passionate about serving clients with excellence. Professional and personable, they offer custom, personalized packages so you have what you most desire for your day. Experience has taught them money saving and planning tips which they will gladly pass along to you. Coming alongside you, their wisdom, foresight, and encouragement, help turn your vision into a reality.



CEO and Coordinator

Co-Founder and Co-Owner, Cheryl has a passion for helping people discover their vision for their event and turn it into a reality. She is an avid advocate for brides and grooms, and has a deep desire for them to succeed in their marriage. As a Certified Wedding Planner, Cheryl is a creative force with attention to detail.

Her story begins here: “I have ‘been in love’ with weddings ever since…”



President and Coordinator

Co-Founder and Co-Owner, Kate, exudes a quiet confidence, strength, and  sense of calm in working alongside couples. She is a firm believer in the possibility of undying love. As a good communicator, she is able to articulate a bride’s and groom’s vision and help everyone be on the same page. Reach out to her on our social media sites.

Her story begins here: I knew I wanted to work with people and making a difference in their lives...

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