Who Says You Can Only Wear…

Who Says You Can Only Wear…

…Your wedding dress once?

It is a growing trend today for brides to sell their wedding dress. Perhaps they need to recoup as much of their expenditures as possible. They may also think they’ll never have a chance to wear the dress again so why keep it?

While it is true that many brides tenderly store away the dress of their dreams and never use it again, it doesn’t have to be that way for you. If you are the sentimental type of person who finds it hard to part with something precious like a wedding dress, here are a few reasons to take it out of that box every once in a while.

1. Wear it for a romantic date with your husband. This could be an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or another day that has significance to you as a couple. A while ago, a friend of Kate’s recounted a special Valentine’s Day with her husband. It’s such a sweet story Kate asked her if we could share it with you. 

         After an impromptu dance lesson at a friend’s house, Joyanna and her husband, Jereme, discovered they enjoyed waltzing. Since neither grew up in families with much dancing and there was no dancing at their wedding, Joyanna was excited to learn her husband liked it. So, when Valentine’s Day came around, Joyanna made a plan. She prepared a special dinner for her husband, dimmed the lights, and lit lots of candles. Then, when her husband came home from work, she greeted him at the door wearing her wedding dress (inspired by a Facebook video). The two spent a romantic evening at home, dancing and enjoying an intimate dinner, just the two of them.

2. Keep it for your 25th or 50th wedding anniversary. After 25 or 50 years, it’s expected the dress may need to be altered a little. However, after a trip or two to a good alterations shop you’ll be good to go. Dear friends of Cheryl and Doug did this. It was incredibly precious to see a bride of 50 years wearing her original dress to renew her vows with her husband. Their celebration was the stuff dreams are made of. #marriagegoals

3. Wear it for a mile marker birthday. We recently coordinated a birthday party for a lovely lady who was turning 90 years old. People came from all over-some even from out of the country. It was like a big family reunion. Miss Nona dyed her wedding dress her favorite color. Although her husband had passed away a few years before, it was a sentimental touch to realize the dress she wore was a tangible piece of the beginning of their family of six kids and over 30 grandchildren. Who knows how many more lives were touched by the vows two people made to each other all those years ago?

4. Save it for your daughter. If you don’t want to wait until a big anniversary or your 90th birthday, but want to do something special with your dress, keep it for your daughter or daughter-in-law-to-be. Just don’t try to force it. If the dress doesn’t work for her, she may still want to include the dress in her wedding by displaying it in her dressing room or wrapping fabric from it around her bouquet. 

5. Remake it for a christening gown. Children are an expression of a couple’s love. Some brides have their dress remade for their baby’s dedication or christening. What a fitting outfit for this momentous occasion!

     We hope these stories and ideas have inspired you like they have us. Have you come across special ways to wear or use your wedding dress again? Please share them with us!


Photo credit: Photographer: Knox Wedding Creative,Venue: Historic Southern Railway Station, Gowns: Wedding Wonderland

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